As hunters, we probably all know the feeling of missing a chance to harvest a trophy whitetail for one reason or another, and that awful feeling of wishing you had done something a little different in those adrenaline filled moments as your trophy was in sight. Well there are so many advantages to having your own private lease, that we don't want you to miss your shot at a lease either! Having your own lease gives you advantages that the average hunter just doesn't have, like the feeling of knowing exactly where you'll be hunting and who will be hunting with you in your own exclusive lands.  The safety and security of hunting on your very own "Posted" land makes for a great experience every time you're in the woods.  Other hunting advantages, such as the ability to put your tree stands on the property's prime spots, or putting trail cameras out without fear of them being stolen or vandalized, or just having the confidence to pass on a younger buck this season in order to let him grow so that you can meet up with him in the future, because your renewed lease the following year assures you'll be there ready for him as he becomes the trophy you've always dreamed of harvesting. You and your lease buddies can enjoy these benefits and more with your new land lease from Promised Land Management, so don't miss your shot!


If you have any questions about leasing land with Promised Land Management or if you want to discuss what property may be a good fit for you and your group, then feel free to contact me, Chris, the owner (pictured below with 2 of my boys) on my personal cell phone at 814-242-5730 or by email at


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