How long are the leases?

Most of our leases are typically a 1 year leases that give the hunting party the first option to renew the lease at the end of each year, which means that if a hunting group really likes a piece of land and they want to begin managing it and passing on some smaller bucks, they can do so with the peace of mind that they will be able to renew the lease the next year and that trophy buck should still be there.  Some landowners will also allow food plots and other things that make long term leases a lot of fun for sportsmen who are looking for that once in a lifetime trophy buck.


The group of hunters allowed to hunt on our leases is specific to the amount of acres available to hunt on for each lease, the landowner also has a say when we are writing each lease for their property.  For instance, if a landowner has 100 acres of land available for hunting on their property and they would like to keep the group to 4 or 5 hunters, then we would honor that and make that a specific part of the lease agreement.  Our goal is to be a blessing to both the landowners and the hunting groups and we work with each in order to try to make that happen in each situation.


For every lease there is an agreement that the hunting party will obtain their own hunter liability insurance.  We have connections with the right insurance providers and can make this happen for hunters at a very reasonable price.  We are so thankful that landowners allow us to partner with them to lease their land that we make sure our hunters are covered with insurance so that the landowners don't have to worry about being liable in the rare case of an accident.